Breaking on the Wheel

Corky, you have eluded to the more intense brutality in the islands. Boy, you weren't kidding. I was doing some research on Antiguan history and was horrified what I discovered. I was reading about the form of punishment that a slave called Prince Klaas and four others received after planning an uprising. They received a common form of punishment in Europe called "breaking on the wheel". They where stripped naked and stretched out in the supine position. Next wooden wedges where placed under every joint on the persons limbs. Then using the rim of a wheel there joints are all smashed form the wrist to the shoulder, ankles to the hips. Next the long bones in between the joints where also broken taking care not to fatally wound the individual being punished. The screaming ,writhing, and bloody person had their four tentacle like limbs woven into the spokes of the wheel. Finally they where hosted up to bake in the sun and have crows peck out their eyes and rip away bits of their flesh. Here they prayed for a swift death.
WOW! This is the kind of stuff the SAW movies are made of!
I attached a picture of "breaking on the wheel"

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